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DEHN chroni maszty oświetleniowe LED

DEHNcord 3P with disconnection function

Small and compact arrester with full performance – Ideally suited for LED mast lights

Space in masts or fuse boxes is often limited – Therefore it is difficult and expensive to install protective devices.

This is where DEHNcord 3P comes in. Its compact design is particularly suited for restricted installation situations.

Benefits of DEHNcord 3P at a glance:

  • Small and compact design – Low installation effort saves time and money
  • Automatic disconnection of the LED current in case of a faulty arrester – Preventive testing of the protective device is not required – Repair and maintenance is considerably easier
  • Integrated protection of the control phase – This means that no additional device is required. This saves time and reduces costs due to the low installation effort. Consequently, the risk of damage to the control unit is excluded since the control phase is also protected.
  • Dual visual fault indication - For the discharge path of the supply voltage and the control phase
  • Approvals according to EN 61643-11 (KEMA) – A time advantage in case of acceptance or release of the overall system

Further fields of application

DEHNcord 3P is also the perfect choice for protecting light bands, e.g., in industrial buildings, logistics centres, exhibition halls and terminal buildings.

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